We offer a variety of marketing strategies for your cattle including forward contracting, live sales and grid/formula sales. We can also help you procure feeder cattle. We offer ultra-sound technology to assist harvest decisions and maximize efficiency.

The Natural program varies depending on the type of cattle and targeted markets. Natural Angus markets are offered by most of the Major packers with some Packer specific distinctions. These cattle are typically fed to maximize yield and grade. The Ultra-Sound technology lends to this program by reducing the heavy and yield grade discounts and gives us confidence to ship the cattle while still performing effeciently. The Laura' Lean Beef cattle are fed to maximize the lean carcass characteristics. We have six years experience feeding the Laura' Lean cattle and have made improvements each year in harvesting the cattle to enhance the bonus premiums. We have several producers retaining ownership of their cattle through this feeding arrangment and are very pleased with the results. The challenge with the Natural's is health and therefore preconditioning prior to coming to the feedlot is a necessary part of the program.

We can lock up your grain price in order to protect your feed cost. We manage the other ingredients of the ration to insure competitive prices.

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